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July 31, 2016



Ministry in Music

Welcome and Announcements

Prelude and Scripture for Meditation                                              Psalm 97

Call to Worship                                                                          Psalm 96:1-3

#* Hymn of Worship

   A Wonderful Savior is Jesus My Lord”                                          #175

* Prayer of Invocation                                               

Confession of Sin                                                                        Luke 13:6-9

Assurance of God’s Pardon                                                       Luke 15:8-10

* Hymns of Prayer and Praise

   “We Come, O Christ to You”                                                           #181

    “All I Have Is Christ”                                                                              

Pastoral Prayer

Confession of Faith                                           Heidelberg Catechism 88-90

Offering & Offertory                                                                                     

* Dedication of Gifts

   “Doxology”                                                                                         #731

Scripture Reading:                                                           Revelation 14:9-12

Sermon:                                                             “Three Alternatives to Hell”           

* Hymn of Response

“How Blest is He Whose Trespass”                                                    #551

* Benediction

* Postlude


Memory Verse for the Week: Rev 14:11